Squizito-biltong-bar, sells a wide variety of unique biltong products to end-customersas well as businesses.
The dry-wors ( traditional, chill and cherry and garlic & chilli) are made from the samemeat as our biltong. Once the meat is cut, the spices are added and put aside to drawall good tastes into the meat. We mince the meat and carefully fill the casings to justthe right thickness.

• Our drying process is controlled by the correct room temperatures and airflow to allowmeat to dry as naturally as possible.
• The old fashioned way of drying with cold air in normal room temperature is essential for the end product and unique taste.
• Careful precautions are taken to ensure that all working surfaces and machinery ishygienically clean at all times.


Our meat offering is from A grade beef, pork and game meat as well as C grade yellow fat which is grass fed animals.We use the best and reliable suppliers with best biltong recipes that has been
used and passed on from generation to generation.



Our mission is to provide only the best grade and quality meat to our customers.
High standards are set to deliver an outstanding and friendly service to Hotels,
Corporate Companies and Restaurants at affordable prices.